"Learn To Play Worship Piano Like A Pro"

Our simple system makes it possible to start playing worship piano easier and faster than ever before.

"Worship Piano Skill Sets" are the key!

[Watch the video below to see how it works]

A few comments from our 43,000+ students around the world!

"I'm loving this so much and learning things I never realized with conventional music teaching!! Thank you!"

-Robyn R.

"I have learned more from you in 30 minutes, than in 2 years of piano lessons. Your lessons are perfectly, Godly made. Thank you!"

-Wendy G.

"Yesterday I played a song by myself. It was amazing. Your system made it so easy and so understandable. God bless you. Jared! This is a miracle!!

- Sabina A.

"I feel sooo blessed! I can't tell you enough how grateful I am! In a few days only I feel that I'm progressing so much as never before! Thank you! Thank you!!"

- Eva G.

"I have gotten more than my money’s worth from this course. I watched [the videos] went to my piano and I was blown away! This will change the way I play forever. Thank you and thank God I have found what I have been looking for."

- Don M.

"I'm loving this! It's absolutely what I've been needing all these years! (almost 50 years!). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

- Jenice H

"I am so excited that I found this course, I can't even express it in words!!! This is amazing, so easy to follow and understand, I love it!!! I can't get away from my piano. Thank you so much for this!!!"

- Kim O

"I truly got more out of the first session than I have ever gotten out of other programs!"

- John B.

"It's so astonishing. I can't stop playing. You lesson are so terrific. God bless you for the lessons, Jared!"

- Enny S.

"Yesterday, I played for corporate worship on our church worship team with a full band for the first time!! My worship expression can now go to limitless places with the foundational skills you’ve taught me."

- Amy E.

'I am enjoying for the first time in my life being able to play!"

- Aidan H.

Worship Piano: Beginner To Pro 2.0 truly is unlike ANY online piano course you've ever seen before!

Some of what you get inside..

  • Nearly 400 videos and 80+ PDF’s of support materials to get you playing worhsip piano like a pro…fast!
  • Insider tricks and tips that are crazy simple…but make you sound amazing.
  • Learn to create rich, contemporary sounding worship piano chords.
  • Easy Right Hand System makes ANYONE sound like pro almost instantly.
  • Easy Left Hand System so you always know what to play in the left hand.
  • Grow in 4 Skill Sets. Skill Sets are simple tasks that help you grow into playing more and more complicated things.
  • 1-5 Skill Sets build up your hand strength and give you finger independence.
  • ECP Skill Sets gives you EVERY contemporary worship chord in EVERY key. (ECP=Every Chord Progression)
  • Downloadable “Practice Logs” so you can track your progress.
  • All the metronome practices included
  • Easy, short, and fun practices that are built around melodies and songs! NO tedious scales and boring exercises.
  • 10 FREE Bonus videos that offer more pro insights, killer concepts and powerful skills to help you go deeper and play better.
  • Optimized to look great on mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No hassles. No questions. So you risk nothing to try it!
  • One Payment for Unlimited, Lifetime Access!


So if you ever wished you could just sit down and feel the joy of playing worship piano…

If you regret having quit piano lessons as a kid and want to really try again…

If you’ve been playing for years but want a more professional, contemporary worship sound…

This is ALL possible with...

Worship Piano: Beginner to Pro 2.0

You can get
For Just One Payment Of...






One Payment for Lifetime Access
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
And I know it's not easy to trust someone you don't know.

Especially over the internet!

But we're a Christian company who cares deeply about our students.

And we'd NEVER want anyone to feel stuck with something they didn't absolutely love!

That's why I offer the following pledge to every student at the Worship Music Academy.

So there's NO RISK for you!

Jared's Personal Pledge

You’re either head-over-heels thrilled with everything...

Or you can send us one email (
support@worshipmusicacademy.com) anytime within the first 30 days and I'll return every penny back to you.

You see, our mission at the Worship Music Academy, is to "equip the saints for ministry." (Ephesians 4:12)

So if you aren't happy for ANY REASON...I would NOT feel comfortable keeping your money. 

In fact, I think it would be wrong!

So if you don't love it...I'll gladly give you a full and prompt refund with NO questions and NO hassles.

You have my word.


Jared Messer


Worship Music Academy