With The Nashville Ear Training System

“You Absolutely Can Learn Any Worship Song Just By Listening!”

Musical Deduction is a new step by step process that makes it possible for any musician to learn worship songs completely by ear!

Learn The Pro Secret To Identifying Chords And Notes 100% By Ear!

From: Jared Messer

St Louis, MO

My name is Jared Messer.

I’m a former professional musician, worship leader, and the creator of worshipmusicacademy.com

I’m pulling back the veil to give you an insider look at this pro level skill.

Being able to identify the exact chords and notes in a song completely by ear…has always been seen as the Holy Grail of music.

I learned to do it many years ago.

And for the first time, I’m sharing with the world a step-by-step method I developed that allows ANY musician learn to do it too!

It’s not a gift you’re born with...it‘s a skill that any musician can learn. 

If you can hear a pitch and match it, you can do this!

I call it Musical Deduction.

It’s what allows me to identify the chords of a song almost instantly.

Like reading words on a page, I can see the chords in my mind in real time as the song plays.

And I couldn’t be more excited to show you exactly how I do it!

The Nashville Ear Training System

Some of what you will gain…

  • Know how to play any worship song just by listening...without the need of an instrument so you can be learning new songs virtually anywhere.
  • Eliminate the need for music when you play. You'll begin to see the patterns in worship music which will dramatically increase your "musical memory".
  • Become proficient with the Nashville Number System and being to think and listen to music like the pros do.
  • Start creating your own, accurate number or chord charts for all the songs you love.
  • Improvise more easily on your instrument as you begin to see exactly what professional musicians are playing.
  • If you write songs, you'll be able create more professional sounding progressions derived from the detail you now hear in the music.
  • Increased confidence when working with other musicians knowing you have a skill only known by a select few.
  • Also works for rock, pop, country, CCM, and others. 
  • Tons more you will discover for yourself!



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What Students Are Saying About Jared's Teaching

I (also) want to tell you that you are an anointed worshiper and teacher and for me it's easy to learn from you as I feel Holy Spirit is helping me through you! I haven't felt this with anyone else before!! Thank you! Thank you!!

Eva Gegeny

You’re awesome and I've loved being trained by you so far. Thank you!

Nancy Carbone

I wanted to acknowledge and honour you for the wonderful Ministry you have given me and all the others around the world. With God's given knowledge, expertise and guidance, I'm sure His plan was for you to help people (like me) unlock our inner desires and empower us to live out our dreams... What a blessing you are!

Tiana Hiini
Jared Messer


Worship Music Academy

Who Am I?

"I'm a former Nashville pro with the heart of a teacher. I've led worship for more than 20 years all over the United States. And I created the Worship Music Academy to “equip the saints for ministry” (Eph 4:12

 Thanks be to God we’ve reached more than 30,000 students all over the world with more being added every day!

I'd love to have you join us and it would be my honor to teach you!

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Jared Messer


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